A movement TOWARDS Quality for Quantity in OPEN EDUCATION

Moving towards quality e-education through open resources for a maximum number of learners.


  • Create a platform for open education resources
  • Continuous striving to provide reliable Open Education Resources(OER) to the learners.
  • Sharing educational repositories and e-content to learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Reaching out to the learners for whom quality resources are not easily accessible
  • Fostering easy access and availability of OER to develop oneself at a personal and professional level
  • Promoting e-education as an attainable goal with the help of OER
  • Making e-learning blended with cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
  • Creating e-education as an experiential and reflective learning experience
  • Building a community of engaged learners seeking educational empowerment.
  • Assisting learners to be knowledge builders, not just knowledge consumers through OER
  • Taking smoothly learners from Web 1.0 to higher levels with the help of OER
  • Revisiting equitable and democratic education with the tool of OER.