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Area: Teacher Education

Course: E-Learning

Course Mapping

  • Unit 1: Society and Technology
  • Unit 2: Concept of E-Learning and Characteristics of E-Learner
  • Unit 3: Theoretical Foundations of Learning
  • Unit 4: E-learning Design – Principles of Designing E-Learning Program
  • Unit 5: Analysis of Instructional Design: Morrison and Kemp Model
  • Unit 6: Analysis of Instructional Design: Dick and Carrey
  • Unit 7: Distance Learning- Concept of Distance Learning, Difference Between Distance and E- learning, Benefits of Using E learning Platforms for Distance Education

License: Copyright@eduoer.wpcomstaging.com

Course Developing team: Dr.Sybil Thomas & Dr.Bijoy K Thomas

Course Duration: 60 hours

Target Audience:
Students and teachers who are involved in using technology for their lectures and learning

Broader Objectives of the Project:
The general objective of this project is:
• To develop E-content resources on the topic ‘E-learning.’
• To develop an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of E-learning,
• To critically conceptualize E-learning
• To realize and appreciate the use of technology as disseminators and consumers in a knowledge society.

Components of OER
: Self-authored material
: Video
: Graphics
: Concept map
: Journal Articles
: Ebooks
: Web resources

Course Activities
: Reading and reflection
: Task assignments
: Evaluation
: Feedback
: Referencing
: Discussion

Date: 13th July 2020