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Introductory Message

We invite you to take part in this experience and learn about the emerging idea of metaliteracy. The Metaliterarcy MOOC can enable us to better appreciate the perspectives of teaching and learning through MOOCs by discussing our experiment of free online course sharing.

Affiliation and Course Registration

The Metaliterarcy MOOC is available to learners at all ability levels, including non-accredited international students as a free and open learning opportunity.   We welcome new and existing thoughts around the changing definition.

Credits: 4 Credits (48 hours)

Mode of Online Course: Synchronous and Asynchronous

Technologies Used

In order to attain the aim of metaliterarcy, different technology would be utilized by all students to exchange knowledge and communicate throughout the course.  The MOOC course is collaborative, fully immersive, and supported by a cloud-based Learning Management Framework. Each student will create her or his account on this cloud-based system.